Using OPALS Electronic Library Catalog

RES is now using OPALS, an electronic cataloging system, for our entire library collection. It is simple and easy to use. Here are the basic directions. See Mr. Willey for more in-depth instructions.

1. Go to the Online Catalog. This may be accessed directly from the library computer or on the RES Library Website (HTTP//

2. Go to the search option at the top of the page

To find a specific book, author, or source of information on a specific topic:

3. Anywhere will automatically appear to the left. This is a general search category but you may use the drop-down to also search by title, author, or subject.

4. Type a book title, author or subject in the Keyword box. If you do not get a book response, try using a more specific search by using the drop down in the Anywhere box. Example- search for Cat In The Hat under Title.

5. Once you have identified the book or resource, click on the item.

6. The book will appear with all available information about the book and author and on the right under Record Information, you will find the call number which is the location in the library. The first letter(s) or numbers indicate the section and the second letters indicate the author. Books are shelved according to the section and the last name of the author alphabetically or in non-fiction by the number of the subject material in numerical order.

To the right of the call number, you will find the barcode. RES barcodes begin with RES followed by a six digit number. The number of copies available appears to the right of Loan History under status (in this case, 2).

7. By selecting Back to Results Page (orange tab at the top of the screen), you will return to the list of books identified by your search. By selecting Next, you will be directed to the next book in your search.

8. You may select a new search by selecting clear and entering a new search, or just begin typing in the search field.

9. When you are finished your search, select OPALS Home in the top tool bar and the program will revert to the Start page.

10. Once you have found the location of your book, retrieve the book from the shelf and bring to the front desk to be checked out. The Librarian will need to check out the book and will stamp the back of the book with a due date two weeks from the day of checking out.